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As we all know, Japan is another world about anything and always stays unique in terms of any products.

I always check the coffee section of the supermarkets just because of my personal interest as a caffeine addict. A fresh pack of beans, a new blend or a package, etc. anything is very exciting to discover and experience.

Last day, I was walking through between the shelves and I saw something amazing that I really want to share with other coffee lovers. Not only because it looks good, but also there is an idea for a marketing strategy that is combined with a cultural perspective.

First, let’s look at it together.

Coffee bags based on blood types

You can easily realize that every package has written different blood types. As I remember, here are the bean types for every package.

A Type— Ethiopia Blend

AB Type— Ethiopia + Brazil Blend

O Type— Colombia Blend

B Type — Colombia + Toraja Blend

Photo by Ante Samarzija on Unsplash

You may wonder why there is such classification. Well, I have to mention the common beliefs in Japan. In US and Europe, horoscope and star signs are important and as a common belief, it affects the choices, characteristics, relations, fortune, education, and career of the person during the life span.

In Japan, horoscopes are replaced with blood types of the person. You may see it on some shoujo animes which is a very popular romance topic. Especially the personally is considered very related with the blood types and directed to potential connections for relationship comparability.

I think it is a very creative way to combine different coffee blends with personality for marketing strategy. It is an attention catcher and highlights the variety of tastes of beans. Moreover, no need to mention the cute packaging and drawings on it.

Japan has a lot of coffee treasures to discover which is good at surprised and pleasing the customers. Let me show you another oshare(おしゃれ) picture with you.

A coffee shop in Tokyo

I do enjoy the atmosphere and the tastes of coffee. Those cute packages were worth seeing. Stay healthy, stay with coffee.

See you in the next article.




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