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I’m getting obsessed with Jujutsu Kaisen recently. Whenever looking for something to watch, I just pick a random episode and start to watch again. On the other hand, I’m an old fan of Naruto Series. I have watched Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, movies and read the manga. Then, it struck me and helped to realize something. There is some similarities which satisfies my pursuit.

1.Shonen Type of Anime

You are in the right place if you like to watch some fighting scenes and non-stop action. The story is initiated strong enough to catch the attention with the introduction and ordinary character named Itadori. An high school student find a strong statement with the help of his grandfather. Moreover, his destiny will lead him to get into the world of other Jujutsu students and some funny and creepy teachers like Gojo(who is my new bias recently). The Naruto series contain very fight and sequence of a action scenes. However, when it comes to the comparison of anime, I felt that JJK is more intense and it doesn't make you keep waiting of the fights unlike Naruto. (We have been waited for main fight scenes a lot such as Naruto vs Sasuke after Orochimaru kept him and Uchiha Brother’s.)

2. Fight Scenes

The sequence is strong and flow is very fluid. Some scenes are exactly monitored in the manga version as well but the animation version is more impeccable. Japanese voice actors and funny dialogs are made the story entertaining. Both series are good when it comes to action. The main characters needed to train to make themselves stronger and skillful.

3. Main Character Itadori and Naruto

Their fashion sense are kinda similar in terms of selection of color, hairstyle, accessories. In add to that, female characters had some tools to fight with like katana or a gun which are part of their style of life and fight as well. The specialty of the characters and their clans determine the feature of the visualizations. For example the face scar of Itadori and Naruto’s occurred due to becoming vessel of the magical creatures.

4. Backgrounds

We haven’t discover the Itadori’s past but only know little bit about his grandfather. The bound and kinship is very important for anime worlds as we are familiar with Naruto universe. It effects the capabilities of the characters and future progress. I consider JJK is very promising as well as Naruto did it.

5. Sub-stories and Supportive Characters

I am getting excited to get to know about Megumi and Gojo Sensei. Not only these two nice boys but also other characters are full of stories by their clans or talents.

6. Features of the Characters

Hair, uniforms, accessories, the colors… Everything is amazing. I fell some Sasuke vibes in Megumi, Idatori’s for Naruto, more useful Sakura vibes for Nobara, Tenten’s skills in Maki and so on. I am looking forward to see new episodes.




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