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This international fast-food chain is so popular in Japan for all almost every age group from kids to elder people. Mc Donalds Japan has its own culture in Japan in the country of its international concept.

Here are some “Only In Japan Moment” in Japan Mc Donalds.


McDonald’s Japan is a leading company in Japan’s foodservice industry with approximately 1.3 billion customers visiting annually.

At lunchtime, you can see a lot of people in suits and formal wear but in holidays and nighttime, there are lots of high school students and young people.

“McDonald’s Japan offers customers delicious food at reasonable prices.” The menu's price range is around 5 USD to 10USD. However, the size and the fullness of the food may not satisfy the customer who experiences McDonald's in other counties. Foreigners complain about how small are the burger and drinks.

More than 3000 McDonald’s restaurants in Japan


Have you ever heard about the potatoes deficit in last winter for Mc Donalds Menu’s in Japan? Yes, Mc Donalds Japan faced a potatoes deficit this year. To solve this problem only S-size potato fries were available for a while. They couldn't provide enough potato fries and offered compensation for the customers who request M-size fries on the menu.

Besides this incident due to the negative effects of the pandemic, Mc Donalds Japan has the concept of self-order kiosks, premium menus, and fast table service offered in a relaxed environment.

There are McDonald's restaurants in crowded locations in the city. However, their working hours and schedule of the branch vary from 16 hours to 24 hours. 140,000 crew all over Japan.

You may also see foreign people who work as cashiers or kitchen staff. University students or part-time seekers prefer to work in Mc Donalds and can promote to full-time workers as a branch or shift managers.

Mc Donald’s Services


Every season, Japan Mc Donalds offers some delicious seasonal inspirational snacks or burger designs for customers.

You can check the menu. The menu changes almost 6 or 7 times annually. There are some delicious Japanese ingredients such as shrimp, teriyaki source, sakura flavor, wasabi, yakitori, pork cutlet and etc.

As I mentioned here about Sakura's effects on food and drink menus in Japan, Mc Donalds also has some delicious options for you!

Some menus like morning sets are only available for specific time periods of the day. If you wake up in the afternoon, you cannot get a morning set beside of standard menu.


Japan has one of the faster downloads and upload wifi services in Japan. Especially Tokyo is a tourist-friendly city in terms of wifi accessibility. From train stations to many restaurants you can get free wifi access.

In Mc Donalds, you can connect free wifi for 60 mins. After 60 mins you might need to initialize the new session or reconnect again.


Unfortunately, it is not everywhere in Japan but has a very cozy and warm design with barista corners and tables. Another fact is it's always crowded and hard to get a table. On the other hand, there are some macarons you might like.

Uji Matcha frappucino and cheesecake
Macaron Green Tea and Macaron Citron
Chocolate, Vanilla & Raspberry Macaron

Let me know what you wanna know about Japan!

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