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Starbucks is an international and well-known coffee brand all around the world. Here in Japan, it is indifferent level in terms of customer satisfaction, product variety, other sub-products, and more…

Today, you will discover one of the most popular themes of Starbucks in Japan for spring.

Cherry Blossom Strawberry Frappuccino and milk tea are ready for sakura time. For those who don't know about Cherry Blossom season, here is the photo for sakura season.

Photo by Agathe Marty on UnsplashHanami in Japan

Almost every park in Japan is covered by these pinks small leaves via Plump Tree in Japan between the end of March and the first week of April.

Unfortunately is not even a month. It usually takes 10 to 14 days depending on the temperature and season of the year. Everybody really enjoys with the view as well as the welcoming spring and sakura theme product.

Starbucks goods are one of the cutest and worth to see it. Before the hanami, Starbucks comes with the Sakura Strawberry Frappucino and Sakura Tea Latte.

Sakura drinks from Starbucks

Frappuccino is a good balance of cherry-colored shiratama, milk, and sakura strawberry-flavored sauce, is topped with whipped cream, sakura strawberry shave chocolate, and raw Yatsuhashi with a soft and moist texture. It is a perfect drink for frappucino lovers with a sakura-inspired design.

— You can customize it with chocolate chips. Unfortunately, there is only a tall size.

On the right-hand side, there is a hot drink version of another sakura design. Tea latte is consist of milk is combined with “Sakura Strawberry Sauce”, which is a blend of Sakura flower powder and strawberry juice. On top of the foamed milk, the barista will wholeheartedly draw a cherry blossom in full bloom with chocolate sauce and Sakura strawberry shave chocolate.

— There are short, tall, grande, and venti sizes. As an option, you can change the milk with soy milk.

Let’s Talk About Coffee Beans

Spring Season Blend

Starbucks Spring Season Blend 2022
  • The flavor goes well with chocolate, dark cherry, and spice.
  • MEDIUM acidity and FULL richnes.
  • Produced with Flush / semi-flush / drying methods.

The blend is combined with different beans loved by Starbucks customers to express the Sakura seasonal welcoming. Sandride Ethiopia, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, and Sumatra are the formula of the spring taste for Starbucks.

The package designed with cherry blossoms in full bloom expresses the splendor of spring.

A blend of four types of coffee that has been loved by Starbucks customers and partners, this coffee is characterized by its dark cherry-like flavor, spiciness and herbs, and solid richness.

I do enjoy the concept of Starbucks and looking forward to trying a new product line☕️

Tell me what you think about Sakura drinks 🌸🌸🌸

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