Why Japanese People Are Thin?

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Check you body weight and BMI regularly
  • How to lose some weight live like a Japanese person?
  • What’s a Japanese secret stay skinny secret?
  • Do Japanese people become fat?
  • Is the Japanese lifestyle help me to lose weight?
  • How can live like a Japanese person and lose some weight? and so on…

there is not an easy question to answer. There are many factors to affect your daily habits and activity. Diet, exercise, stress, social life, work, and so on.

Japanese people are considered skinny or thin compare the other countries. Foreigners, who live in Japan always questioned why Japanese people are skinny? What is the secret of long and healthy life? Are there some practices we can learn from the Japanese lifestyle to control body weight?

Based on my personal experience, I can mention how is the daily routine of Japanese people. We may learn and apply some of the tips for our lives.

(There is an interesting fact at the end of the blog 👇)


Healthy Food

Sushi with soy source. Don't forget your wasabi

How can you eat like a Japanese person?

Japanese Food is consist of fish, eggs, soy source, fermented, and lots of seafood. Weight control starts with what you eat and the ingredients.

On the other hand, this is not only because of the nature of the Japanese cuisine but, also accessibility every day.

There are many fast food and coffee shop chains. Honestly, I admit that it is fast and delicious. However, it is bad for the long term and doesn't help control body weight.

Seasonal products are important for Japanese people. Eating fresh for the seasonal need for your body, it is easy to find short-term menus in restaurants. One of my favorites is takenoko (bamboo sprouts)

Takenoko rice for spring

To see some seasonal effects on food, check the cherry blossom menu of some cafeterias here for 2022🌸

In addition to the international fast-food chain, there are other fast and take-out options you can get it easily almost everywhere and every time🍣

Supermarkets have some bento options; every Conbini(they are available in every couple of streets) has onigiri and bento; ready-to-go and Japanese food chains like Sukiya, Yoshinoyo, Coco’s, Matsuya, Sushiro, KuroSushi, Coop Deli, and more. There are delicious, healthy, and some vegan or vegetarian options depending on the menus of the season.


Ride your bike on the bicycle side!

Does a Japanese person move a lot?

Japanese walk/move a lot 🚶

Yes, there are some routines for Japanese people. I believe they walk a lot or cycle. Riding a bike is part of daily life. It is a very good way to go to work or school.

Commuting time is relatively long. Train and bus are the optimal solutions but I also saw that people ride a bike every day and there is a small part for the riders. (They don't like bicycle riders on the pedestrian side which is sometimes dangerous 🚲)

Community Pressure

Shibuya is one of the most crowded and lively locations in Japan

Does Japanese people judge their look a lot?

Japanese people care how they look. This is cause to check their style and follow some fashion trends as well as their body.

Being tall and thin are considered one of the beauty criteria 👀

Moreover, your body is indicated and your social status. There is a worry about being judged. I realized that women gave tips to each other and share new products for new diet trends.


How to improve your heath record?

Long-life education for any age in Japan. There are some small clinics for elder people to rehabilitate their bodies or support their joints. Those clinics or enterprises gave some lectures about how to maintain their body✍️

Group classes are another example of long-life education. Not only the private sector but also government support and gave instruction documents in the public places like city hall, library or school.

Another thing that I like is Medicine Booklet (薬手帳). You can record your medicines or ask your pharmacy to record them for you when you buy medicine. I got my notebook for free from my pharmacy. It gave me awareness more about my medical history as well as for my doctor, too. I can show my record when they ask if I got treatment before.


Culture clubs and sports clubs take place as after-school activities.

How Japanese people get a hobby?

The Japanese education system has school clubs and activities. Depending on the school, they have to organize year-end activities or competitions. Sports clubs are very popular from basketball to tennis. You may watch sports anime like Haikyu!, Free! or maybe Captain Tsubasa


Check your city hall’s website to learn about public facilities.

Where Japanese people go after work?

You can get a membership card from your nearby gym every month. People complain to them for being expensive (5000 Yen — 18000 yen / a month). Only women, 24 Hours, class, and program-oriented gym are available and Japanese people go to the gym regularly from adult to elder people.🏊‍♂️

Besides paid options, people like to walk and jog in the neighborhood. In the park, they do yoga or stretching.

Japan has lots of mountains, you can take your equipment and go for hiking.

Supplements & Diets

Pharma industry is powerful and a large variety of diet products are available in every drug store

What do Japanese people use to lose weight?

Japan is well-known for its technology, anime, food culture. You should add the pharmacy and supplements industry to that.💊

From protein powders to vitamins and minerals. Personally, I love to use some of them to support my health. Especially, for the routine and also for my diet, they helped me. I was surprised about how people are using them too. It took a while for me to get used to and learn about them but now they are part of my needs. You should check and confirm with your doctor if you thinking about getting some.

You can check from here to see the popular product which ones suit you. There are a bunch of types for every need. If you live outside of Japan, you can use a proxy shopping service from Japan.

Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea — Matcha

Does green tea help Japanese people lose weight?

Green tea is a great antioxidant and helps your digestion system. It improves brain functions, helps prevent type 2 diabetes, and is good for the skin.🍵

It is important for Japanese people. If you go to a Japanese restaurant, they give you water, barley tea, or green tea with the meal. Japan is the second-largest green tea-drinking country.

You can get the benefit of green tea and enjoy it by replacing it with processed beverages.

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

I hope you like the blog and learn about Jp lifestyle.

Here is an interesting fact about sumo wrestlers: Are sumo wrestlers fat and healthy at the same time contrary to the rest of Japanese people?

Stay healthy, stay good!

Tell me what you want to know about Japan.🗾

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